Natural Skin Care for Wellness Inside and Out

Natural Skin Care for Wellness Inside and Out

There has been a lot of hype about natural and organic beauty products, but what exactly are the benefits? Why go natural? Why spend the extra money and effort to sort through the cluttered world of cosmetics? How can you tell which product lines are actually natural and which are just capitalizing on the trend?

During my years in the beauty industry, I have seen the changes my clients have achieved with natural skin care compared to those who use chemical brands, and it is astounding. Some people assume that natural ingredients will be less potent, but my own battle with acne showed me firsthand that chemical-based skincare brands do not produce sustainable, long-term beauty solutions.

Natural Skin Care for a More Beautiful Complexion

The goal of using skin care is simple: to enhance and support the attractiveness of your skin. If you don’t get visible results, there is no point in using a product. While we will discuss the importance of avoiding toxic chemicals for overall health, it is essential to emphasize the benefits that natural products have for your complexion.

Let’s start with discussing the beautifying properties of skincare that contains a completely natural base. Because the base makes up the bulk of a product, it’s the most important aspect to assess. Natural products use pure vegetable and plant oils, waters, and waxes as their base, whereas conventional product lines use petroleum (mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, and so on). Skin loves (and easily absorbs) natural ingredients; conversely, it does not like petrochemicals. It acts as a gatekeeper to limit their harmful effects, which is why using natural skin care helps prevent pore congestion. Since petroleum molecules are too large to fully absorb, products that contain petrochemicals clog pores and suffocate the skin. This causes outbreaks of acne and blackheads, preventing the skin from accepting moisture from both skin care products and the humidity in the air.

This realization often provides a eureka moment for my clients who have tried countless moisturizers only to have them sit on the skin’s surface without proper penetration. One client, a PHD biochemistry student, came to Pure + simple frustrated after exploring everything from the science of hormones to high-tech peels. She had spent a great deal of money and tried many approaches, none of which had cured her acne. Her dermatologist had given her medicated creams containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which dried out her skin, making it flaky and irritated in addition to the blemishes. Her dry, sensitive skin was being further dehydrated by these acne targeting products that unbalanced her oil production and clogged her pores.

During her first consultation, I explained how natural ingredients are absorbed, then prescribed a gentle, restorative regime consisting of multiple moisturizers and anti-inflammatory face oil. Being the goal-oriented young woman she was, she purchased all of the recommended products, though I was unsure if she was truly convinced. To my surprise, she returned with flowers to thank me for changing her understanding of beauty care. Her skin had responded right away, and today she is completely acne-free. She attributes this improvement to daily use of an oil-rich, moisturizing cream mask that has helped repair her skin and therefore reduce irritation and sensitivity. The success she experienced was the combination of reduced pore congestion and nourishment from her natural skincare routine.

A truly natural product should be one that is packed full of replenishing, pure ingredients. Unfortunately, some companies combine a few natural ingredients with a lot of water and chemical-based thickeners instead of using completely natural formulations. This means the product has very few healing properties. A totally natural regimen must contain nutritious ingredients that fully penetrate the skin to nourish and restore it and protect it against further damage. It is crucial to understand that the skin is a delicate organ that needs to be pampered and handled with care in order to regenerate properly. Although many people consider this fact when treating sensitive or dehydrated skin, they may not know that it also applies to acne-prone skin.

Being gentle, through the use of natural ingredients and cleansers, is one of the Most Unexceptional ways to maintain a clear complexion. Contrary to popular belief, stripping the skin is actually a contributor to breakouts and blackheads. This is why natural cleansers are so important. Harsh chemical detergents in conventional skin care products deplete the skin’s acid mantle—the coating of sebum on its surface, which is made up of fatty acids, alcohol, waxes, salts, and lactic acid. This mantle creates a barrier against bacteria, so over-cleansing and stripping decreases its resilience, leaving it damaged and prone to reactions like infection and oil imbalance. The more we deplete our skin of its natural oils, the more sebum (oil) it produces in an attempt to maintain proper protection. This additional oil, coupled with the dehydration caused by chemical detergents, fosters the perfect environment for clogged pores. Instead of sebum flowing over the skin as a dewy, lubricating barrier, it becomes trapped in dried-out oil deposits that inhibit the absorption of moisture and promote blemishes.

Whether your problem is pores clogged from petroleum buildup or an imbalance caused by harsh cleansers and nutrient-poor skin care products, avoiding chemicals and choosing skin care made with rejuvenating, natural ingredients are the fastest way to flawless, beautiful skin.

Natural Skin Care for Wellness Inside and Out


I was never very interested in working in the beauty industry until I understood its link to wellness. Although I found grooming the perfect brow and shaping graceful nails to be fun, this esthetics on their own were not something to which I wanted to devote my life. The broader picture— teaching people how to love themselves and be more conscious of their bodies—was what I really wanted to endorse.

In my opinion, beauty is much more than skin deep. True beauty is the reflection of a healthy mind and body because there is nothing more attractive than someone who radiates vitality. Unfortunately, the use of conventional chemical skin care can actually tax the body.

While this might sound radical, it’s necessary to grasp that every one product applied to the skin square measure absorbed into the blood and internal organs. Therefore, product containing harmful chemicals can have an effect on overall health. Sunscreens, makeup, and skin care product square measure typically created with dangerous ingredients that eventually harm your health in ways that you’d ne’er suspect. For example, certain cosmetic preservatives are identified carcinogens; sunscreen agents mimic estrogen and unbalance the hormonal system; and chemicals used as bases for almost all products tax the kidneys and liver. Yet we apply products containing these additives to our skin on a regular basis.

It is not solely the contents of the product we have a tendency to use with that we want to be concerned; we have a tendency to should even be tuned in to their packaging. numerous plastics will leave residue or leach toxicity into product, creating the employment of glass and food-grade plastics extraordinarily necessary. Remember, all of the principles we apply to skin care ingredients also apply to any materials that interact with them. This is why many companies need to become much more holistic in their product development and design. Ceramic and glass packaging is not only more resilient, but it also maintains the purity of the product. Because these materials do not degrade as easily and are less porous than weaker materials (like plastic), they may allow the use of less potent, more natural preservatives as well. Moreover, glass and ceramics are reusable and more sustainable, which is also better for the environment.