Don’t Touch! The Top 12 Most Dangerous Virus-Spreading Surfaces

Don’t Touch! The Top 12 Most Dangerous Virus-Spreading Surfaces

For years, the virus has taken many lives and it is still spreading. The main reason behind spreading is touching public surfaces that may have virus. when a person touches any of these surfaces and then touches his eyes, mouth or nose he can infect himself from this contagious disease.

According to health officials, it is very dangerous to touch these surfaces. So it is necessary to practice social distancing. Also make hand wash habits or use alcohol hand sanitizer as often as possible. Moreover, keep these surfaces clean and disinfect them to avoid any problem. Some dangerous virus breeding grounds are examined by the experts and here are some of them you need to avoid in every condition:

Dollar bills

You may not like this but it is reality, the virus can survive for a very long time on the textured surface of paper money. There is not a confirmed case of the virus caused by the exchange of paper money.

But according to WHO money is exchanged between many hands and can pick every kind of viruses and bacteria. It suggested, wash hands with a quality hand wash after handling paper money. And avoid touching the face. It is also suggested to use contactless payment methods like PayPal etc.


You may think that sinks are harmless because you wash your dishes over there and there is nothing dirty about it. But the reality is sometimes these dishes are stacked up for a longer time before you wash them.

During this time anyone who touches these dishes or areas near the sink may have exposure to the viruses or bacteria. It is suggested to clean your dishes immediately and disinfect the kitchen sink after washing dishes. Also keep sink hand wash in your kitchen and immediately wash your hands touching any surface near it.


Hundreds of people use doorknobs while opening and closing the door. People are in a hurry so most of them don’t even think about it.

It is suggested to use a clean tissue paper for opening or closing the door and discard it immediately after using. You can also keep alcohol hand sanitizer with you so that you can immediately clean your hands. If you are at home disinfect doorknobs.

Office supplies

Different buttons on coffee machines, lifts, water handles, photocopy machines, and other office supplies can prove grounds of virus breeding.

Avoid touching surfaces that are touched by a lot of people or use alcohol hand sanitizer after touching these surfaces.

Kitchen sponges

Kitchen sponges are assumed clean and harmless because they are used to clean other things. Like dishes, pans, etc. but in actual this porous thing that is always wet can be a home for a lot of viruses and bacteria.

According to research by Furtwangen University in Germany, it was concluded that different sponges collected were having about 352 different bacterial species. Best way to clean sponges is to wash them with a mixture of hot water, white vinegar and table salt in the right proportion.

Cardboard boxes

It may seem like cardboard does not provide a home for viruses or bacteria abut it does. Virus can stay alive on it for about 24 hours.

Delivery packages are handled by a lot of workers so it is suggested to open these packages with gloves. And use alcohol hand sanitizer or after handling these packages. Do not trust your old cardboard boxes; they may have plenty of germs.


People use public restrooms carefully but it is good to be extra careful while using a public restroom. Use clean paper towels or disinfectant wipes before touching any surface.

For operating flush handles, water faucets, sink hand wash, etc. do not use hands, find something else. Wash your hands with hand wash or soap for at least 20 seconds. To open the door, for leaving the restroom use a paper towel.

Elevator Buttons

Another dangerous surface you touch is the plastic elevator bottom. As it is mentioned above on plastic virus can survive for about 48 hours.

Medical officials suggest using knuckle for designating the floor or to hit the call button. Or use alcohol hand sanitizer after using an elevator.

Bathroom shower curtains

Believe me, these curtains are so dirty. You will want to have a shower even after touching them. According to a study it is stated that the percentage of bacteria on these curtains is even greater than on toilet seats.

Toilet seats harbor only 235,000 colonies, on the other hand, these curtains may have about 16.2 million colony-forming units.

Stainless Steel countertops

Public steel counters may look clean but in actual they are not. A stainless surface is not cleaned until it is disinfected by using strong disinfectant several times a day.

It is suggested to keep disinfectant wipes or gloves with you so that you can use them in case you come in touch with these surfaces. It would better to keep alcohol hand sanitizer with you.

Landline telephones

Even if it is an era of smartphones still landline telephones are used in offices, hotels and also in some homes. If you have to use it clean it with a disinfectant wipe and then use it.


Coins are not as good as paper money in carrying germs but still can harbor a lot of viruses and bacteria. According to a study these metal coins can carry virus for about four hours.

Bottom line
It is not easy to deal with such a difficult situation but it is necessary to be careful if you want to survive. So, maintain social distancing, avoid touching these dangerous surfaces and avoid being friendly. Use a quality hand wash to keep your hands clean and take care of your family and friends.

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