20 Makeup Tips and Beauty Tips for Older Women from a Professional Makeup Artist

20 Makeup Tips and Beauty Tips for Older Women from a Professional Makeup Artist

Old age catches up with everyone eventually, but just because you are old doesn’t you have to be content with losing the stylish look you had when you were younger.

Despite your old age, you can still look fantastic, and the good news is that the internet is the right place for you to get all of the tips and tricks that will help you regain your youthful look.

We’ve been able to compile the best makeup and beauty tips from experts that can be of great help to you. So, follow us, as we check out these tips. Check them out below and see how they can make you look younger.

#20 Use your mascara in place of your eyeliner

When you notice you no longer have your eyeliner pencil, or your liquid eyeliner just poured on the floor, or you just don’t know where your eyeliner is, then don’t panic, as long as you have your mascara you are safe. Insert your mascara brush into the tube; slowly bring out the brush, and transfer the contents into any surface of your choice. Use the fine brush to draw a thin line on your eyelids. Try as much as possible to make the line thin or not thick.

#19 Reduce your powder use

As your younger self, you always relied on powered as a way to manage the oil content on your face. But in all honesty, your powder is more harmful than you think. The powder becomes part of your wrinkles and fine lines, and even accentuates the flaws on your face when you use it repeatedly. Rather than powder, use a setting spray, and cream formulas, they have a more positive effect on your face.

#18 Contour Your Lips

As you get older, your lips become thinner. You can make it appear bigger by contouring the lips. You will require a lipstick and liner with the same shade, as well as a concealer and lipstick a couple of shades lighter than the first combo. Line the lips above the lip line. The lines should extend to the center of your mouth. The lipstick with the darker shade should be applied on the outer half of your lips, use the lighter shade to fill the center. Blend both shades using a brush. The final step will be to use the concealer to set the edge.

#17 Your foundation should be made up of yellow tones

Bright tones such as yellow tones, look great on women that are above 40. Bright tones decrease any grayish tone in your complexion.

#16 Apply your mascara with the aid of index cards

Using an index card to apply your mascara will help you control the application. This will help you avoid smudges and spillage of mascara on your face. Resize the index card into a shape that fits that of your eye. Arrange it in such a way that it matches with your lash line, then proceed to apply the mascara.

#15 Mutimask

This involves the use of various facial masks on specific areas on the face. Typically it helps to accentuate the condition and texture of the different regions of the face. Dry masks are great for oily areas, and moisturizing masks are good for dry areas. Remember to use liquid essence to keep the masks in place.

#14 Substitute lip balm for brow gel

Colorless lip balm can be used as an effective hair control especially in your brows. The Vitamin E in lip balm is a key nutrient that can help eyebrows grow.

#13 Carry out a lighting test before you leave the house

It is no secret, which overhead lighting can ruin your make up. To put you in a better position on your outings, carry out a lighting test in your bathroom, or outside your home using a hand-held mirror and a flashlight depending on the time of the day.

#12 Go for blurring products

Primers that guarantee blurring are what you should go for if you want to minimize your aging process. This will help you hide your facial imperfections, acne scars, wrinkles, and large pores.

#11 Apply your eyelash glue with a Bobby pin

If your eyelash glue is too much, it can give your eye a weird look, and ruin your eye makeup. Use the rounded end of a bobby pin to apply the adequate amount of glue. Just rub it on the edge of the eyelash.

#10 Apply perfume on the right places

Behind your knees, inside your elbows, and behind your ears, are the right places to spray your perfume. You can also take things further by spraying your back or put one dab behind your navel. On the hair, rather than spray directly, use it on your comb, and brush, and apply on your hair.

#9 Add texture and volume to your hairstyle with a toothbrush

Brushing the side of individual braid link using a toothbrush can make the braids appear voluminous. You can even go as far as pulling the sides outwards to make the braids appear wider.

#8 Using a silicone sponge

One item that is gaining significant popularity is silicone sponge. It doesn’t absorb or soak up makeup. It is also smooth and clear. Silicone blenders help you to minimize costs in the long run.

#7 Using a spoon as a contour tool

A spoon can function effectively as a contour tool, and make you look like a pro. Just hold the spoon at a downward angle in such a way that the spoon rests on your cheek. Apply contour just below the spoon. Blend the contour to your satisfaction and carefully remove the spoon. You are good to go.

#6 Use more sunscreen with SPF

Applying sunscreen shouldn’t be taken lightly if you want to protect your skin as much as possible. Get your hands on premium products that guarantee a high SPF for your neck, eye, and lip. Not only will it protect your skin, but it will also reduce wrinkles and fine lines on the areas mentioned above.

#5 Use nail polish remover along with your nail polish

Your nail contains a natural oil which facilitates the removal of nail polish. The best way to curb the effect of the oil is to use a nail polish remover first on the nail to remove the oil. To prevent nail tip wear, apply your nail polish horizontally first, then vertically.

#4 Use eye shadow to hide your thin hairline

Your eye shadow can be a perfect cover for your thinning hairline. Apply the eye shadow on the areas where your hair is scanty, and finish up with a hair spray. The key takeaway is to use an eyeshadow that has a close shade as the color of your hair.

#3 Go lighter

Lighter colors on your eye make you look more presentable rather than tired. Combine lighter liners and brow pencils can go a long way to boost your appearance. Light colors make your eyes appear more open and awake.

#2 Use glitter to conceal grown out manicure

The longer you keep your manicure, the more your nails outgrow it and leave a bare area on your nails. Apply glitter polish to conceal any grown out portion.

#1 How to make your makeup last


Cut out tubes of your make up when it’s empty, and remove any leftover into a plastic container. With the aid of coin, bring out the leftover powder stuck at the bottom of the container.

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