How to Stop Being Afraid of Doctors

How to Stop Being Afraid of Doctors

Natalia Tolstaya – a writer, a psychotherapist, and a practicing psychologist, every week in the show “Fat LIVE. Everything will be ok “on” Classmates “helps women to solve the most important problems of life. She explains how to cope with the fear of doctors, and taking care of your health, so you can live happily ever after.

Why do you fear doctors?

Non-delicacy of the doctor. Careless words, angry facial expression, significant sighs when looking at an x-ray or tests can cause the patient the most severe neurosis.

Diffidence. It is difficult for such a person to go to the doctor and show his body, which he himself does not like, ashamed to talk about his sores.

Fear of pain during treatment. Many medical procedures are unpleasant, and some – even painful.

Reluctance to listen to notations about their unhealthy lifestyle.

Fear to reveal during the examination of some serious illness.

Panic fear of treatment, doctors, and hospitals can manifest in the form of a headache, nausea, sleep disturbances, shortness of breath, a sharp rise in temperature, dry mouth, darkening of the eyes.

How to cope with the fear of doctors


Try to convince yourself that there are good specialists who consider their patients not part of their routine work, but a person with their fears and experiences.

Do not forget that some doctors specifically choose a “harsh” style of behavior so that we understand the seriousness of the moment and do not shirk treatment. I recommend the affirmation “the doctor is in a bad mood, and this has nothing to do with my state of health.”

With a doctor, you need to build partnerships, honest and sincere relationships. It is important to become one whole team in order to beat the disease together. Before you go to the reception, collect some information about the doctor – this will ease anxiety and fear, increase confidence. Ask questions, discuss all situations of interest, ask again, be sure to express what is alarming and about your fears.

Follow all doctor recommendations.

You always have the right and opportunity to make a decision yourself, and this increases your own importance and self-confidence, but if you have any doubts, consult another doctor about the diagnosis and therapy.

We fear doctors from not knowing what is really happening to us. For this, regular examinations and at least basic tests are required.

Always find good moments.

It is necessary to focus on the histories of diseases with a bad ending. For some reason, there is less talk about successful treatment, and according to statistics, winning, for example, lymphoma is increasing every year.

Make yourself as comfortable as possible.

The experience of doctors is often associated with the fear of physical pain. Learn all about anesthesia and premedication and go to the reception prepared. Take your favorite book with you, listen to the music so as not to dwell on the unpleasant.

Train self-confidence and self-love

Fear always limits a person’s freedom. And freedom is the true value in life. Know that a relationship with confidence in the doctor is the key to recovery!