14 Beauty Trends That Are Dangerous. This Is Why.

14 Beauty Trends That Are Dangerous. This Is Why.

Everyone wishes to become beautiful and charming as much as possible. Due to this wish, people become victims of the most dangerous beauty trends to look younger and stunning.  Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder is a well-known concept related to beauty for centuries; it seems now no one cares about it. Recent trends in beauty and fashion are not only unusual but very dangerous too.

Under the influence of this craziness, people are now trying the most dangerous things like the name of famous beauty trends. The use of such products can cause serious skin problems and health issues. According to the many famous dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons, the use of such risky things can cause permanent skin tissue damage, skin inflammation, and even they rupture the tiny skin blood vessels. People must not follow all the false and risky beauty trends blindly. Start slideshow to look at some of dangerous beauty trends that can seriously damage your skin badly.

Kylie Jenner Challenge

The use of suction cups, 2- liter bottlenecks, and narrow glasses for extra enlargement of the lips by youngsters is common nowadays. They are trying to get lip just like Kylie Jenner, who for pout rejected the use of lip filling and used suction cups. These actions have damaging effects on tissues and blood vessels surrounding the mouth.

Use of Waist Trainers

People are madly following fashion and beauty trends. Wearing tight waist trainers is one of the risky trends, among others. The artificial tightening of the body for a slim look can narrow the space for the internal organs. There is a chance of internal organ damage for just following a crazy beauty trend.

Removing Mole at home

There is no DIY for everything. In the case of removing moles, you should consult some good dermatologists. Removing it at home is extremely dangerous and cause skin injuries and wound formation. Even following the online beauty tips and tricks for these moles can become dangerous and cause red sores on the skin.

Self -injecting of Botox

Several websites are selling Botox named injectable. Dermatologist warns people for not buying this product online, and also self-injecting can cause extremely dangerous results. You need a professional skin expert for injection and the proper guidance of product for your skin. People don’t know that in the craziness of beauty, famous trends can cause life-lasting and painful damaging to their skin.

Deodorant as a makeup primer

Another dangerous trend for attaining beauty is the use of deodorant as a primer on the face. People forget that they are made for underarms, not for the face. They can cause pores clogging, and its fragrance can cause irritation and skin itching, said by the skin experts.

Magic eraser and Self-tanning streaks

Beauty trends that are dangerous for our health also include the use of a magic eraser for removing self-tanner streaks. The use of sponge is trending due to various blog posts related to it. Skin experts said that these sponges have chemicals, and they should not come in contact with skin. It can cause terrible allergies, serious skin damage, and itching with red rashes.


Another trend of using risky things to become beautiful is the use of normal glue for removing blackheads from the face. Clogged pores normally make brown dots on your face in the form of blackheads. The skin can get allergy and irritation from the use of glue. Instead of this glue, try to use some natural things for removing blackheads.

Home Made Eyelash Serum

There are a lot of products available in the market for increasing the length and volume of your eyelashes. So, don’t try to prepare it by yourself at home. Eyes are very sensitive and the most important organ of our body. We must not blindly follow the beauty hacks and trends to increase our beauty.

Hemorrhoid Cream and Puffy Eyes

These creams are made for some specific body areas, not for highly sensitive eyes. No one indeed likes puffy eyes, but you must focus on the use of natural things like chilled cucumber, etc.

Black Salve and Skin Cancer

A controversial and risky way of self-treating skin cancer at home is Black Salve. Dermatologists said that it is highly dangerous and burns the skin tissue deeply. You must consult any skin specialist for proper treatment.

Brazilian Blowout

Hair straightening procedures that provide you straight and smoother hairs are damaging your follicles. Blowout products have formaldehyde, which can cause toxicity, allergies, and even asthma attack in users. Experts are not in favor of such products.

Chemical Peel Ingredients and at home DIY

Blistering the skin to peel it off, is a process which must be done by some professional. It is not done by you at home by purchasing online chemical products for the renewal of the skin. A medical esthetician, Jacqui Terese, warns people not to use these online products because people don’t know which product contains harmful content for the skin. Such products must be sold to only medical offices, not for personal use. This is a bad way of self-skin care.

Colored Pencils and Crayons

Crayons and pencils are made for art, not for doing makeup with them. They are not good substitutes for makeup products. Dermatologists said that colors, stabilizers, and dyes used in these tools for art are very dangerous when comes into contact with skin. Skin tissues are very sensitive and can develop skin problems, allergies, and eye infections due to the use of these pencils and crayons.

Skin Bleaching

To get relief from acne, light skin tone, and redness, the use of actual bleach is becoming common nowadays. Skin experts said that this mixture of bleach contains extremely dangerous Hydroquinone, which can become the cause of skin cancer. Skincare natural products having extracts of bearberry and licorice are best to treat skin tone and lighten the dark spots without any damage. They simply forget the risks of such products.

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